About me

I'm an Italian mother tongue freelance translator with several years' experience, philosopher, legal theorist, former university lecturer and researcher in Germany and the United States. My portfolio includes several translations for law and accounting firms, agencies and publishers.

Language education

I honed my language skills at the universities of Bologna, Mainz, Arizona and Darmstadt, where I received my PhD (with honors).


While I specialize in legal translations (especially in Swiss Italian), I also translate technical and marketing documents on a regular basis. Further, my portfolio encompasses a wide selection of academic translations and publications.

Philosophy - The key ingredient of the EZ Formula

The key to the quality that all my clients praise and can vouch for lies in my philosophical education: in fact, as I came to realize over several years of experience, the conceptual analysis skills in which every good philosopher excels can be of considerable help when it comes to transposing concepts from one language to another.

Experience and philosophy: a simple yet powerful formula - EZ translations Pro: as easy as it gets...